Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lady Bugs Dancing on Roses

I was finally able to complete a hat that fits my three-year old daughter -- and in her favorite color as well!  She chose the ladybug appliques that really give the hat a nice pop.  The yarn is "Rose Petal" from the  Lily Sugar'n Cream Scents collection and has a nice, subtle fragrance that she really likes.  The pattern is a slight modification of my trail hat design - I just adjusted the top and side rows to fit her head as I went.  As you can tell from my past posts, I really like this design and am already working on another in camo colors for my seven-year old son!

I know a lot of people with allergies don't like the scented yarn from Lily, but I really enjoyed working with it.  The subtle fragrance would waft up occasionally and remind me of walking through botanical gardens.  I will definitely give some of their other scents a try when I get the chance.

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