Sunday, January 22, 2012

Craft Store Thoughts

Now that I am almost three months into the Art of Crochet, I have had the opportunity to spread my financial love around to several different chain craft stores. Here are my thoughts so far.

Hobby Lobby

I got my initial supplies here and have shopped Hobby Lobby for years for other things. Their yarn selection is pretty decent (for a beginner or budget conscious hooker) and they have a good selection of hooks and notions. They have some sort of yarn on sale almost every week, so this has become a regular stop. (3 out of 5 hooks)


This is another store we have used as a family for years, so it was only natural to check it out for crochet supplies. Their yarn supply is limited, but they do have things Hobby Lobby doesn't so we have to check them from time to time. Their hook and notion selection is also more limited than Hobby Lobby. The crochet and knitting section in our particular Michaels is all the way in one of the back corners, so it really seems more of an after-thought than anything. (2 out of 5 hooks)

JoAnn Fabrics

We just started going to this place within the last week, and it has quickly become my favorite store. The yarn selection is unmatched in Douglasville and the hook and notion section has much more than Hobby Lobby or Michaels. I remember going to this chain as a kid with my mom and grandmother and wish we had thought of it when I started crochet. While we will continue to visit all three of the chains in the future, JoAnn is number one in my book. (4 out of 5 hooks)

On a side note, we visited our first LYS (Local Yarn Store) today, even though it isn't really local to us (about 40 miles away). While the yarn selection was incredible, it is much pricier than I can justify at this point of my experience. Also, the store is geared more toward knitters, and we got the feeling that you had to be a regular to be really welcome. For now, I'll stick with my boring little chains.


  1. So far, the only time I have used a LYS is when I am in a swap and want to send interesting yearn. Otherwise, I stick with the chains . . . prices are so reasonable and I can find almost anything I need. If not, I go online and order. Make sure youhave signed up for any discount cards they might have.

    Oh, and if you run into an AC Moore, you earn points and then $$ when youuse your card there.

  2. I got the same feeling from my LYS But I have gone back to buy more yarn. Mine has a Clearance bonaza once a year and everything in the bins are 50% off and I get an additional 10% military discount. So I wait till then to purchase my luxury yarns or EBAY!

  3. Yup, JoAnn Fabrics is the place to go here in eastern Iowa. Prices are pretty good, especially when they have sales, selection is fantastic. Hobby Lobby seems pricey here and they only have ONE ROW of yarn here, what's up with that??? Our Michaels is like yours, yarn supplies way in the back corner, not much selection. Have you signed up for the newsletter at JoAnn's?? Their emails tell you ahead of time about sales and they have coupons good for percentages off, etc. I love ordering off their website too, especially when they have free shipping! I must admit I haunt our local thrift stores too, Goodwill especially. You would be amazed at how much yarn shows up there at times. Just another idea to help you with your yarn habit :) Looking forward to your posts!

    1. Thanks Susie - we definitely signed up for the newsletter and can't wait to see some of those coupons. I'll also check out some of the local thrift stores. We have quite a few in the area.